Comprehensive Virus Removal & Computer Maintenance

Is your computer running slow, hangs up, freezes screen or is infected by a computer virus? At Sisytek in Calgary, Alberta we have a comprehensive solution for you. Our highly skilled tech experts use the latest technologies to keep your computer system running at optimum efficiency. We undertake in-depth computer maintenance, virus removal and system cleanup to make your computer system efficient andoptimized for performance.

Remote Software Solutions

Sisytek provides flexible remote software solutions; you can choose a one-time computer cleanup service or request regular computer maintenance with affordable monthly payments. We have skilled and experienced IT experts with capability to support a full range of software applications for desktop and laptop computers at your home or office. At Sisytek, we monitor, log, and carefully audit our remote sessions to ensure quality service and security of information. In addition, we can chat with you online and in real-time to resolve any issues.

Tech Support

  • Installation – Assists Customers to Install Applications
  • Diagnostic & Repair – Diagnoses & Identifies the Root Cause of a Problem & Fixes It
  • Virus & Spyware Removal – Removes Viruses, Spyware and Malware, Installs Security Software That Protects Data and Applications
  • System Optimization – Optimizes the Computers Performance for Highest Productivity & Efficiency

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