• Virus Removal


    • We’ll analyze and troubleshoot one computer using Sisytek registered tools
    • Provide estimated costs for any additional repair(s) or upgrade(s) needed for complete solution
    • Removal and cleanup of viruses, malware ,spyware, rootkits and other warms
    • Repair of Operating System issues; Boot issues, slow loading and blue screens, start-up and shutdown optimization etc.
    • Menu, quick launch and taskbar shortcuts clean-up
    • Analyze and clean up temporary files and registry
    • Installation of important and critical software updates
    • System checks and performance optimization

    Virus Removal

  • Data Transfer and Backup


    • Data transfer or backup [either from local computer or external hard drives]
    • Configure for scheduled automatic data backup [both for external or internal devices]
    • Create system image and repair discs

    Data Transfer and Backup

  • Network Setup


    • Update router firmware [If necessary]
    • Enable wireless encryption on network for security optimization [Increased security on personal data and wireless networks]
    • Connect up to 3 networkable devices to the network; including gaming consoles, network-enabled computers, televisions, Blu-ray/DVD players, and more
    • Administrator username and password changes [If required]
    • Enable sharing on device(s) for Internet, files, photos, video, music, printers and others
    • Network and internet connectivity tests, troubleshooting and repair [If required]

    Networking Setup

  • Computer/Server Maintenance

    Computer System and Antivirus Yearly


    Antivirus yearly


    • Computer/Server monitoring
    • Optimization on Disk Health, Memory usage, CPU usage, Processes, Window Firewall
    • Window Service, Event logs, Disk space, Window update and Antivirus software
    • Regular cleanup for viruses, back-up, online emergences repair